Helpful Catering Suggestions

Let us help you cater your next event with these helpful suggestions

Do you have a corporate party coming up at your office and you want to WOW your coworkers or customers? What you serve and how you serve it sets the mood for the whole event. It is important to consider these 5 elements when choosing a catering company.

  1. Know your guests

The more you know about the type of people that will be attending, the more you can customize the menu to ensure they will love the food being served.


  1. Consider the time of year

Think ahead to what will be fresh at the time of year that you are hosting your corporate party. Fresh and local foods will taste better than food that has been frozen or shipped from overseas. We like to support the local farming community and use home-grown veggies and other ingredients when ever possible.


  1. Be culturally sensitive

It is important that you consider the guests who do not have meat in their diet, for example. Do any of your guests require Halal options? Do any of your guests require Gluten free guests?  Consequently, showing this kind of respect to each guest says a lot about the care and attention your business can provide. Black Sheep Eatery can provide all these options for your private catering event or corporate party


  1. Look for unique personal touches you can add

Does the CEO have a favorite dish? Are there any sorts of special dessert items you want your guests to enjoy? At Black Sheep Eatery, we are flexible and can collaborate with you to customize the menu so that it suits your event.


  1. Be careful about serving the same thing over and over again

Guests can get bored quickly if they are served sandwiches every day. It is important to work with a catering company who will ensure that your needs are met and can switch it up from time to time.



Corporate parties are a great way to give back to employees. Additionally, you can talk with customers and spend time building relationships in a more informal setting. If it is worth it to spend money on a caterer, it is worth it to put a little more extra time in to preparing the menu to make sure that each guest is satisfied and impressed.